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Stickers Packs Maker apk

Stickers Packs Maker apk – Direct download and install Stickers Packs Maker Third Party WAStickerApps premium apk for android free.

Stickers Packs Maker apk info

Now create any sticker using any image, add any text in any language. Below are the main features

+ Sticker Maker: Create any sticker whatever you can think of using text, images ( from camera / Gallery ), emoticons (emoji), Memes (Funny Faces) etc. & share through any of your favorite social networking chat application.

+ Handmade Pencil Stickers : Create Free Hand Stickers using pencil tool and write anything in your own language and convert it into stickers.

+ Text Stickers : Create unlimited text stickers by typing in your own language with different colors and fonts. Using other WAStickersApps you cannot add text to stickers but with this app you can easily write whatever you want:-)

+ Personal Stickers: Convert your transparent background png image to stickers and add text to your personal stickers.

+ Create unlimited stickers packs : You can create unlimited sticker pack with various types of stickers created by your own. (WAStickerApp Third Party Sticker Packs for whatsapp)


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