Secret Video Recorder Pro Apk v1.3 [Updated]

Secret Video Recorder Pro

Secret Video Recorder Pro app for Android – Stop Sexual Harassment Video Recorder, The Stop Harassment Recorder allows you to quickly and discretely use your phone camera to record audio and video. Use this app if you feel you are in an inappropriate situation that may be considered harassment.

Secret Video Recorder Pro Info!

When you’re recording the screen appears black as if your phone is off. This app can also record in the background while you’re using other apps or while your phone is idle on the home screen.

Main App Features:
⭐ No camera sounds when recording starts
⭐ No preview required
⭐ Quick & easy one touch to start and stop recording
⭐ Supports front or rear cameras
⭐ Checks for available storage prior to recording
⭐ Schedule one or many recordings for the future to start automatically
⭐ Add multiple images/videos to a single concern

Settings That You Control:
⭐ Automatically start recordings based on date & time.
⭐ Configure record time length
⭐ Configure if you’d like to delete recordings older than a specified period of time (or never delete)
⭐ Configure how you’d like recording to start (on app start or on Record Button press)
⭐ Configure the default camera (front/rear)
⭐ Configure the default video resolution (low, mid-low, medium, mid-high and high resolutions)
⭐ Configure the app colors
⭐ Configure screen wake-up period. The screen wake-up period is a long press to turn the screen back on while recording.

⭐ Easily see and play all of your past recordings
⭐ Rename your files
⭐ Share videos with any installed app on your device
⭐ Copy videos to the photo gallery
⭐ Add multiple images/videos to a single concern
⭐ Add text notes to a concern

Please Note:
We have found that certain devices do not support background recording. We check if the devices support this on the first launch and if it does not, the app will only record in the foreground. The app will still display a black screen while recording. These are the devices that we’ve found so far that don’t support background recording:
– Samsung J7

Questions & Feedback
Please direct all questions, feedback and feature requests for the Stop Sexual Harassment Recorder application, [email protected] If you like our app, please rate us in the Google Play Market.


1.) Create a concern by pressing “New” on the Recordings Tab (or just start recording as normal).
2.) Add/Edit Notes as part of the concern.
3.) Add one or many images and videos from the device library.
4.) Added the Yellow color to settings.
5.) Removed the ability to separate audio from video.




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