San Andreas Hill Climb Police MOD v2.1 [Latest]

San Andreas Hill Climb Police MOD

San Andreas Hill Climb Police MOD – Welcome mobile game lovers. We are very proud to announce our new police car hill climbing game. We have already brought you some EPIC mountain climbing car games but this game has one EPIC twist!! Just wait and see for yourself… We promise you will love it!

San Andreas Hill Climb Police MOD

Imagine combining your top mountain climbing car game and your top police prison on duty game… What you will get is the most EPIC police car hill climbing game ever!! It’s like the best of both worlds!! This theme is totally new in the google play store. This is what you will encounter playing this EPIC police car hill climbing game! Get ready for this AWESOME mountain climbing police game. Please enjoy!

In this police car hill climbing game, you will be a real police driver that is responsible for the transportation of hardcore criminals. Make sure you will deliver these hardcore criminals towards the police station prison on the top of various beautiful rocky mountains while doing some police car hill climbing. Make sure the hardcore criminals get into your car and don’t forget to lock the door once they are in your police car.

Once you have delivered the criminals to the police station prison your job as a police driver is finished and you have completed the game level. Please keep in mind that being a police driver in the rocky mountains is not an easy task. Precision driving with a hardcore criminal in the backseat of your police car can be quite the challenge…

This police car hill climbing game brings many beautiful worlds for doing some extreme hill driving.
Drive around in the rocky mountains hills or drive around in the desert hills. You can choose between four EPIC worlds. Also, as a police driver, you can drive in many different AWESOME police cars. Collect points for unlocking cars or you can purchase some new cars in our garage.


Feel like a real police driver while playing these EPIC prison transporter games. Get ready for the police mountain madness.

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San Andreas Hill Climb Police
San Andreas Hill Climb Police
Developer: TrimcoGames
Price: To be announced




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