RememberNote Pro APK v2.7.2 [Paid] [Latest]

RememberNote Pro APK

RememberNote Pro APK – Download RememberNote Pro unlocked apk for Android free,Too much on your plate, awful lot to remember or to say to your friends or relatives?
Starting from today, here is Remember Note, the app that help you to save notes to report to your contacts, by using a simple connection.

RememberNote Pro APK info

-When you call or get a call from a contact, Remember Note exhibit a window on the desktop which will show the earlier saved note and three botton: one to listen to the message, one to hide the window and the last one to delete the note, so that it won’t come into view anymore when the contact, to whom the note has been linked, will call you again.

-Remember Note has been imagined not to forget important events or advises to communicate to somebody.

-Notice: Remember Note needs to get better, so your advises or your point about some problem will be a valuable source of ongoing improvement.
After give a negative feedback, please send an email to “[email protected]”. As soon as possible I will solve the bug.

-The Application has been translated into the following languages:
– Default (English)
– Albanian
– Chinese
– French
– German
– Italian
– Sardinian
– Japanese
– Portuguese
– Russia
– Spanish
– Ukrainian

RememberNote Pro
RememberNote Pro
Developer: Elio Dell'Anna
Price: To be announced




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