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HerbsMore apk – Direct download and install HerbsMore – A Herbal Shop android app and start shopping herbal products ar lowest price.

HerbsMore – A Herbal Shop info

HerbsMore is a line of pure, bespoke, and Ayurvedic results-driven skincare made from certified organic and wild crafted ingredients collected from across Nigeria. The brand stands for honesty (follows full ingredients disclosure) and purity (uses authentic Ayurvedic herbs without harmful commonplace cosmetic chemicals).

in order to improve customer service to all of our stores, so we created an application to facilitate a customer in a herb shop.

with this application, many conveniences offered. we also offer to all our customers get the wholesale price with existing regulations.

Most people think that natural products are not as effective as chemically formulated ones. Although there is growing awareness that the latter could prove harmful for our skin and general health; most of us think that using chemically laden skincare is a price we must pay to get results and look beautiful.

HerbsMore seeks to change this notion.

We believe, choosing between a product that’s good for your skin and one which is safe for your health and for the earth is a choice you should never have to make.

HerbsMore - A Herbal Shop
HerbsMore - A Herbal Shop
Developer: Webfromdev
Price: Free



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