Battery Master & Junk Cleaner Pro 1.1 (Latest)

Battery Master Junk Cleaner APK

Battery Master apk – Download Battery Master and phone booster app for android free, If you are looking for an best Battery charger app which helps you to save your battery life then, #Battery Master & Junk Cleaner is a must have app for your device. A light, fast and smart battery saver app that helps you to save battery life and improve battery health. With effective battery saver, smart battery monitor, fast battery charger and more battery modules, (e.g CPU Cooler etc..) you are free to have a full control over the battery usage and take a good advantage of the limited battery capacity.

Fast Cleaner & Battery Saver is multipurpose app for your device maintenance. It is designed to increase battery life with smart power saving modes. It clears the junk data and unwanted background running processes which makes phone fast. With temperature control you can initiate cooling effect as well.

Battery Master App Features

🚀 Achieve Optimum cleaning by freeing up ram, memory and killing unwanted background running processes.

🚀CPU Cooler identifies the apps which are causing CPU overheating. It clears all unnecessary apps and achieves optimum temperature with single tap.

🚀Clear junk data, residual, temporary files and release the cache memory.
Save battery power by enabling ultra-Fast and extreme power saver modes.

🚀Junk removal notification is introduced which will notify the user when Cache memory , residual files , system junk , temporary files and background running processes are overloaded and slows down the device, then user can activate cleaning process.

How does Battery Master help to clean my phone?

☑ Clean apps unwanted – the cleaner batch uninstall apps of less usage & auto clean their residual files;
☑ One tap phone cleaner – easy-to-use cache cleaner, residual file cleaner, memory cleaner, etc.;
☑ Memory storage cleaner – phone memory cleaner boost Android device & clear space;
☑ Clean cache – clear system cache, AD cache & clean apps’ cache junk files;
☑ Obsolete APK cleaner – clean up the uninstalled APK files on your device;
☑ Junk photo clean up – 1 tap to scan & auto clean duplicated junk photos on your device;
☑ Notification clean – move & storage wanted app notification to a clear notification bar.
☑ Residual file cleaner app – auto clean residual junk from deleted apps;

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